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Aesthetic Bed Bloom

Sunday's are often regarded as the day to relax and refresh. I remember growing up, Sunday's were the days of being forced to clean and a bunch of chaos in general.

I also remember suffering anxiety for having to go to school the next day.

Now, as an adult in control of my life, I get to use Sunday's in the most Americans have always been able to utilize them. To relax and refresh.

I usually like to sit in my spare bedroom or lounge on the couch.

I have my essential oils, with a focus on Lavender scents.

I listen to my fav music, usually 80s Pop/Classical/Xmas.

I look out the window at the sky 🌌

I play my mobile book novel games.

I have peace. The peace I deserved my entire life. The peace I never had.

It will take a lifetime to be healed, but I can do my best to get my mental health on a good path.

Starting with my aesthetic bed bloom 🌺

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