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Laini Moreno Welcomes You to Take Control of Your Life

Undeniable Talent

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a passionate Actress with years of experience in the industry. I love what I do, and want others to see that love shine through in all of my work.Mental Health is very important to me. I was a victim of molestation along with verbal and physical abuse as a child. I  was raped as an adult. I experience racism daily. And my own race turns their back on me. Not to mention *normal* annoyances like jealous/intimidated family/friends/people at work/strangers.All of these things have led me to not having a sense of community, in any way. Then I learned to be my own community. Meditation, Yoga, and Santeria have been instrumental in me surviving a suicide attempt and realizing my self worth. Take a look around to find information about myself, my career, updates on projects I’m working on, and any upcoming events.  But also look around to be inspired with healing from trauma. You are alive for a reason.

AfroLatina Actress
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