Audition + Gratitude Challenge

January 28, 2019

I got contacted by a theatre on Saturday asking me to audition for a play, in which I'll play various different roles.  I auditioned for the Director, yesterday (Sunday), for 2 hours.  I am so grateful that I was reached out to about this job and so thrilled that I got it.


I woke up today wanting to really push myself.  I already do things like drink less, exercise more, don't spend time with people who don't have my best interest at heart, etc.  But I do suffer from traumatic childhood and adult flashbacks.

I do suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.  I do have anxiety about the way I am treated for being an attractive woman of color. And that is not ONLY directed towards white people.  Black women treat me like garbage.  Always finding fault, and looking mean before I even speak. Saying I think I'm all that. Well, I am amazing.

 And also, the LGBTQ community.  I used to frequent a gay bar (no I am not gay, but I thought it was safe because men wouldn't try and fuck me). I realized race and gender, come before "equality", even in that community.


The reason I'm naming those things is because even though I actively rearrange my life to be full of positive vibes, some bullshit is inevitable, because the world is full of insecure losers.  I have decided to do a Gratitude Challenge, to keep myself grounded and reminded of what is really important.  Feel free to join me!! It is posted in the pictures :)






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