• Laini Moreno

Ugly, Jealous People

Updated: May 25, 2020

I do not trust anyone. People are happy for negative things that have happened to me. People are jealous of me. People will always try and compete with me. Is it worth keeping these connections in my life? No. I don't think people let it sink into their thick skulls. I don't even have contact with my parents. The people who raised me. So why the fuck would anyone think I need them in my life? I cut some people off quicker than others. I am at the end of my rope with a couple people and I am tired of excusing them. Family, is just a word. Friends, are just temporary. Both are disposable in my eyes.

What hurts even more is when people who know about my childhood trauma STILL attempt to one up me. You are literally trying to keep up with my success in hopes of surpassing? I do what I do because it makes me happy. i don't look to what others are doing, nor do I ask. Ever.

All this is confirming what I already knew: I am fucking amazing. I am aware that I am gorgeous, well spoken, and talented. I have also had the sickest, most disgusting life I have ever heard of. You have to be a sucker assed bitch to ever try and compete with me. This is why I don't share news about my life. I even have hoes from HIGH SCHOOL stalking my social media. People are a bunch of fucking losers. I would not care if a n y of you live or die. Yet, here you are...

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