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It’s been a secret that I divide my time between NYC and Minnesota. Also a secret about my severe heart issues. The heart issues actually started after an argument with one of my rude ass family members. Sad, huh? Anyway, Ive been splitting up my time between NY & MPLS for a couple years. It gets tiring because of my heart issues and also because my main beauty business and my love are in Minneapolis. BUT my acting and my smaller skincare business are in New York. I need to choose one place to live but I’m not sure I ever will. I will say I am very fortunate to have love. Most people have their parents. I do not. But also, people are loved by their parents out of obligation. I am so grateful to have someone who chooses to love me. To be there for me. To nurture me. Most people don’t have that. I am supported emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I recently met a female gorilla who was one of the ugliest, rotten people I’ve ever met. And there have been many. She always bragged that she talked to her mom everyday. All I could think was, and I bet neither one of you bitches can keep a man 🦍🦍. Ugly, intimidated, overbearing, masculine assed women. ps how annoying are nosey people questioning you about where your money comes from?! I’m skilled enough to have my businesses and on top of that, I’m lucky enough to have a man who loves and supports me. I’ll tell you what, the people being nosey about my whereabouts would neverrrrrrr buy any of my skincare. Would never do anything positive or monetary for my business. Thank goodness I will never need them but it’s just annoying that they have so many questions about my life. Especially because it’s MEN! I feel like if you’re not the one loving me and supporting my endeavors, go mind your business. People disgust me 🙄Do you deal with that? People overstepping their boundaries? Ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️

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