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My Podcast - Battle of the Sexes

I had an interesting cohosting this podcast. I traveled from Chelsea, Manhattan all the way to Trenton, New Jersey. Some parts of Jersey are close. Others, require my gorgeous self to hop aboard the Amtrak train lol

Battle of the sexes #podcast lol Listen to me try and remain as poised as possible. I was getting pretty steamed up! 😠 😆 Here is the link, if you have Apple ITunes and would be so kind to check me out The podcast episode is about relationships, relationship advice, sex, respect, arguing, gaslighting, narcissism 😂 and the list goes on! I'm celebrating this morning, listening to my podcast, jamming to Def Leppard, and having a mimosa. I've included the podcast at the end of this blog, if you don't have the ability to use Apple iTunes. If you can though, please click the link. Help get my ratings high.

Besides acting, I have always wanted to have a career in radio. But I think my voice is seen as too valley girl, so I’ve never had the chance. This was my first shot at journalism and broadcasting. I love speaking and giving my point of view. I am also an excellent writer and presenter. I hope to have more opportunities to showcase all of my many talents. I love being an actress and all around entertainer. Once I started believing in myself, so many opportunities came to me. I deserve so much more and I hope that I get a chance to fulfill all of my dreams. As an actor, talk show host, journalist, cook, makeup and skincare line, and all around media personality. I mean if it comes to it, I’ll just be a housewife and socialite 💋

#journalist podcasts #podcasting #newyork host radio relationships RelationshipAdvice women men jersey Narcissist Gaslighting Equality #Broadcasting apple New York New York City

This Podcast is The 90/10 Rule. Debating about relationships, love, arguments, etc

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