• Laini Moreno

Im a Mom!

Okay, not really lol However, I did play a Mom in a commercial! I love taking on new challenges in roles. I had never played a Mom before, so as a diligent Actress, I was a little apprehensive. I took the role very seriously. I spent about 2 hours on set rehearsing with my "daughter". It was so much fun interacting with her.

I thought it was pretty cool that the Director chose me for the role and then found a little girl that he thought was the best fit for playing my daughter :)

This took place in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Side note: My Aunt had the AUDACITY last week to tell me I need to hurry and have children. It amazes me, in a negative way lol, that people still think

that a) Women have to have children by a certain age


that b) Women have to have children at ALL

*inserts major eye roll*. I enjoy waking up to a few Mimosas and not having to worry about changing a diaper, señora. I do NOT want children. Never have.

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