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Sexual Wellness Event

I am a big advocate of women loving themselves and taking charge of what they want. I also feel that women let men get away with being crappy in bed and looking at porn. I feel that if women were more secure with themselves, they would be more vocal about a man's lackluster sexual performance as well as things that bother them when it comes to other women. I have spoken on my blog a lot about how many women prefer their partner to not fantasize about having sex with other people, but write it off as "boys will be boys". Or my other least favorite excuse I hear from some, "men are visual creatures". Girl, BYE!

Women are taught to basically shut the hell up. Even in 2019, the day of "women empowerment". This basically translates to "Show your pussy", "If you don't like that men watch porn, you're insecure" "Marriage is just a piece of paper", etc.

When instead we should be saying, "Omg I can't do this, your cock is too small" "Dude, you cum too quick" "Im tired of sticking my finger in your ass, I think you should seek a man" "I need money for groceries (lol) etc.

Thank goodness I don't have these problems anymore, but trust me, I speak from experience. I have a good man, now, but oh the losers I have dated before.

I feel that women and their newfound "empowerment", has turned into them being hard on women. When in reality, they need to be holding men accountable for the treatment of their hearts and bodies. Women of today are so hell bent on not needing a man for shit, that they have in turned made themselves useful as only a vagina hole.

I became interested in sex toys as part of a way to bring couple's closer. I was always told that men just like a fantasy. Well, in this case, you can be your own man's fantasy. It has never been an option for women to be the sole pleaser of their man. It has always been that men are allowed to stare, ogle and masturbate about others. When I have been in situations like this, I happily cheated. Not saying it's right of me, but I also don't think it's right for women to excuse behavior that hurts their feelings. I feel like if we stop making sex a dirty secret that couples, especially ungrateful men, will find the beauty in each other's bodies. I am not ashamed to say that I am a firm believer of this. Bettys Toybox is where I publicly took the first step with being involved in sexual wellness. I am an affiliate and "Sexpert".

My friend, Dr. Delrae, reached out to me to help her plan a sexual wellness event. She likes my approach because I am pretty and relatable while still telling it like it is about sex. (without being vulgar...well...not too vulgar. Just a little raunchy lol)

I am looking forward to co-hosting our event and educating women about their bodies and the joy of exploring sex toys.

Here is a picture of Dr. Delrae and I at our coffee date. I love the caption shoutouts she gave me :)

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