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Crazy Lesbian Ex Girlfriend

lolll That title is amazing! It's also a role I played in a TV pilot a few months ago haha

I'm sure you thought that post was about my life. Not so much.

Anyway, I had a blast playing this role! My character was dating a woman named Delilah and bust in her apartment, first, while she was on the date with a man. Second, while she was on a date with a woman. I even got to punch her in the face! The whole rest of the episode, she had a black eye. Pure magic.

I really need to find a way to upload this to Youtube, in a better manner. Anytime I upload things like this (with scenes that don't directly involve me) it's from me filming the video from like vimeo or something, directly with my phone, with my wobbly hand. (Lovely run-on sentence there Laini)

Anyway,I end up missing angles and it's not good quality.

One thing I learned from filming this, was that my shawl cut off my waist. I was so worried about covering up my tummy, that I covered up my sexy curves and ended up looking thicker than a snicker. No bueno. But I am very proud of my work.

The past few months I have been focusing on my loved ones and my happiness. I took a small break from all things acting/film/theatre related. I had a stalker that I'd never met before, that was annoying. A hideous, jealous bitch. Along with creepy men. It forced me to take my phone number and booking option off for my Beauty by Laini business. I did a couple Beauty events in New York and Minnesota. I also got back, heavily, into my Sexual Wellness business. I will update soon, be well<3

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