• Laini Moreno

Violence in Homes

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

So many children receive "discipline", which is really, child abuse. My issue with parents hitting children is that it is disrespectful.

When adults deal with racists at work, they don't hit them.

When adults encounter rude people at the market/any public setting, they don't hit them.

When an adult has an argument with a spouse, they don't hit them.

What makes it right for an adult to place their hands on a child? Nothing.

A child's brain isn't even fully developed. They literally do not know better. It is not a child's fault, that you are an idiot adult with no patience who does not take the time to communicate.

There is also no acceptable way to hit a child. A spanking on the backside, is sexual. This act is literally used in sex and adults are aware of this. But, that is why so many of you adults enjoy doing this.

Hitting your child in the face is disrespectful and humiliating.

Beating/punching your child is a disgrace.

If you must belittle your offspring, maybe just smack their hand.

You people are so barbaric and it is disgusting. There should be psychological evaluations done before they allow you people to make children.

Abusers have selective amnesia.

So many people can relate to the things I post, but none of them are willing to do the work to heal. They keep in contact with their abusers even though they resent them. And then, they repeat the same mistakes with their own children.

Good luck.

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