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Short Film: Tamarind

I had a great time acting in the Short Indie Film, Tamarind. I stepped out of my comfort zone with this piece. Though I am extremely confident with myself and my body, I do not like putting videos and photos of me being sexual. I would never do anything like nudity, because, that is sleazy and low class. But I enjoy being sensual. My fears of displaying work like this, is because I don't want to arouse the man who molested me for over a decade. He can search my name and find anything about me. Plus, my idiot family members are still in contact with him. So again, I stepped out of my comfort zone with this piece.

The other reason why I don't do a lot of film/theatre that is based on my looks, is because I feel that I (and all women), are more than that. I am so talented. I'd rather my ability to bring characters to life and divulge emotion from the audience, be what I'm known for.

One thing that made me want to do this was, there are hardly any bodies of work showcasing: natural hair, natural curves and bronzed skin. I really was on an "I don't give a fuck" kick when I accepted this role. Like, oh I am SO doing this lol

Big shout out to Carol Bellhouse for seeking me out for this role.

This film was shot in St. Paul, Minnesota as well as Bayeux, France. I never share details of my filming, my travels, my love life. I just do it. I take a lot of pride in being an actress and also the love I give/receive. As open as I am about my life, I am also extremely private.

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