• Laini Moreno

Women of Color and Their Own Self Destruction

The majority of women of color (BLACKS AND LATINAS, let's be honest), claim that they do not like to be stereotyped. So, why do they support classless celebrities? Most famous black women/latinas are loud, all about sex, cannot carry a conversation, gum smacking stereotypes.

Why do you support the very people, that our ancestors worked so hard for us not to be like? Do you realize, that America will never glorify a classy woman of color? Do you realize one of the celebs you praise, is indeed Latina: and says the N Word? I don't understand the logic of, "Why they always saying we ack like dat"...Followed by actions of largely supporting the very women who live up to every asinine accusation of, especially, Black Women's behavior. The very behavior that you deny and don't want to be categorized with, are the behaviors of those who you have helped win Grammy's, Oscar's and make millions.

I am not impressed with stripper culture. I am embarrassed. I don't expect much from America. OF COURSE they want to show us in a bad and sleazy light. I am however, disgusted with my own people for not seeing the propaganda behind this. You get so mad at White People and others for expecting us to be unladylike and ghetto, but you promote and praise the very music artists who fit the stereotype. The success of these women makes it that much harder for women like myself, to enter the industry, and it makes it that much harder for all women of color to be seen as educated. I am alone in this viewpoint. Women of color get offended by the way I feel. I am really starting to think it's not a stereotype. Maybe, it's just, what is.

PS and this is so random, Maria, stay off my Facebook and my everything else. Why are you still interested in what I'm doing, after all these years, my sweet? Even fixed your FB job profile like mine. Please go back to read the blog about "Friends/Frenemies".

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