• Laini Moreno

Snow and Salsa

So flattered. Carol Bellhouse chose me to be her lead for a short film about a Day in the Life of...Me :)

Actress. Spa Owner. Makeup Artist. Entrepreneur.

I love the title and the poem she wrote about me thriving through the Minnesota weather.

This is the official vid for it. She just finished it last night. This is also my 1st "Lead Actress" title on IMDB. My other titles are supporting roles.

ps It's so nice seeing how much weight I've lost since then. This was filmed in mid December. I think I'm down 35 pounds now since Summertime. Keeping the weight loss declining each month. Never give up.

Random note: I love my skin color. I'm watching the vid and I just want to eat myself lollll buttery caramel good lawd have mercy!!

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