• Laini Moreno

Valentine's Day is Coming!! <3


Valentine's Day is one of my favorites! Anyone who knows me, knows, I love romance and love. Pink and red hearts. Kisses and lovemaking. Cupcakes and cakes. Cards and ROSES. Candy and gifts. It's like, one of THEE best days EVER!!

Those people who say Valentine's Day is about propaganda and money can go suck a lemon.

Another thing, Valentine's Day is a loving, sexy day. But, I want to remind you, your relationship should always feel like V-Day. Your partner should ALWAYS make you feel loved, cherished, happy, and respected.

But Valentine's Day is the day to REALLY do it up!!!!

ps how cute is that newspaper in the picture? The New Love Times instead of The New York Times omg lollll too cute!! <3

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