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Men + Porn = No Lovemaking/Bad Sex

Have you experienced sex with a boy who watched porn and made love with a man who only is attracted to you?

Big difference, huh?

Read on.

Ladies, I promise you, there is a man out there who will respect your boundaries. If you left that man for a porn lovin-boy, just take it as experience to be smarter next time. There are a handful of men who actually prefer a real life woman to hold, instead of porn. And at the very least, there are some men who will understand where you're coming from, and will change their habits, because you are worth so much to them. If a guy wants a future with you, he will make the necessary changes. I know there are plenty of women like me who hate porn and nudity/sex scenes. Don't give up on love.

Men, you have to be a worthless bastard to know something hurts the woman you are with, but you continue to do it.

I am absolutely beautiful and stunning. I've had porn chosen over me, by guys who were not handsome. Oh the irony.

I dated a guy (a few guys actually, but we're gonna just focus on this one asshole for the time being), who lied and was looking at porn behind my back. I talked to my female friend at the time about it, and of course, she was saying "he loves you, its normal" etc.

Fast FWD to me out for drinks with her and her man. The topic came up of why I was single. Yes, I left him. I wasn't ashamed. I told her guy, I can't fuck someone who watches porn, unless I am cheating on them. Her guy became alarmed. Imagine that?! lolll

The girl, then said she watches porn and so does her guy. Together and separately. Her guy then said, "Yeah and most of the porn I watch looks like her."

She was SO proud, "Wow really babe??!!!!!!".

So even in a relationship where 2 people are okay with their partner cumming and being physically stimulated by other people's breasts, penis, vagina, cum and asscrack...the female in the relationship STILL wants to feel like she is chosen over other bitches. What happened to all that open love shit? What happened to you being so comfortable? All that bullshit went right the fuck out the porn window. Little Miss "I'm ok with nudity", still wanted her boyfriend to choose pornography that looked like her. Things that make ya go hmmmm! And FYI girlfriend, he could be lying. That's the thing about porn. It turns into addiction. Addiction breeds liars.

I don't give a fuck what anybody says. It will never be acceptable for me to have a man inside of me who thinks it's ok to check out women in public, online, in his fantasies or anywhere else.

If a man shows you that your feelings, boundaries and limits are inferior to that of a female on a computer or TV screen, then I feel it's ok to go look for a new man, who is superior to him in: looks, sex game and bank account.

In my eyes, porn/nudity, is cheating. I give what I get. I didn't step out on every porn watcher/celeb obsessed loser I dated.

I think men who lie about watching nudity, clearly have a problem. They are insecure little boys numbing their pain with pixels.

Porn also fucks up your sex game. Have you ever fucked a man who doesn't watch porn? Mind blowing, long lasting, seductive and fun. Someone who matches your energy. Someone who you love trying new things with because they make you feel so comfortable. You are comfortable with them because because *gasp* they ADORE YOU! They value you and your feelings. They are patient and make you feel free to explore.

Whereas porn watching fuckers cum SO quick! They have been so desensitized to human interaction and getting to know a woman's body, that when they feel warmth...they fail. Epically. They are detached from sweetness and love.They don't make love. They just need a live human to cum inside of.

These piece of shit, lying assed men are no different than the person who abused me as a child. Using the body of a female for their own personal gain, knowing it's wrong.

If you love someone, be respectful.

I've left any guy who watched things I wasn't ok with. I'm fucking gorgeous wtf are you gay? And when I've seen the things the guys were watching...I was disgusted. These boys watched everything from a skinny, teen looking, pale/fake goth girl (sasha) with an extremely hairy pussy. It was like 6 pix of her and his excuse was "she was on the forum of my favorite band". Oh. So you then went to google 5 more pix of her. The web history stated "google'. sigh. Staring at girls at restaurants/bars/crossing the street/etc. A video of a girl blowing up a balloon. Same web cam girl (domino) on a different video shoving something up her ass. Chicks with dicks. Shrines to actresses in their home. Pictures on walls. Hollywood actress sex scenes. And who knows what else the boys I've dated decided to get hard from.

One of the guys would go out of his way to head to his friend's place to watch Game of Thrones. The show that is known for sex scenes, nudity, riding, INCEST and shitty acting. What made it so infuriating is that, of course, he was also looking at porn behind my back. Naturally, if someone hides their porn issues, they look forward to any piece of nudity they can view, disguised as an adventurous television show.

He also had the nerve to tell me, "I know you're better than porn.". Yet he continued to watch.


The only guy I've dated that I forgive for his viewing, was the one who I was too messed up, *after childhood trauma*, to be completely intimate with him. I am better now though :)

Don't listen to the women in your life who try to minimize your feelings. It is nothing wrong with wanting your partner to only be aroused by you.

Also, to the girls who feel like me, do not give up hope. Don't let the majority of these sleazy men ruin your outlook on love. I promise. Some men actually are honest and nurturing. There are some men who will not gawk and stare at women while you are out. They will not look at porn behind your back. They will see why sex scenes and nudity make you uncomfortable. They will have you in the forefront of their minds with their actions, because, they love you <3


People are NOT Products!

I'm a Lover and a Fighter!


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