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People and their Dime Store Psychology

Happy Monday <3

I have a little free time to update my Blog today. Today's focus is: people who tell you how to handle your trauma.

I'm first going to advise that you never open up to these people, ever again, even if it is family. I've had people act like I have no right to be depressed. Or that I need to get over it, simply because I have good things in my life.

One does not simply, "let go", of over a decade of molestation. A big, scary adult touching you is not something you ever forget. You think about it daily and have nightmares at night. Thanks Robert. You shitty human.

Ive also dealt with people saying what things in my life currently stem from what I went through. Not only is that unfair, its rude. It is extremely hurtful, some of the things I've had people say to me. One trashy person said, "Sorry you got molested. Maybe you should handle your piece of shit relative."

I don't point out things like if someone had a father who was never around. Or if someone had an alcoholic dad who beat them. Or if someone has a husband that won't fuck them. Or if people have children by multiple men. Or, if in my eyes I may feel, they don't have enough boundaries.

Not only do I not give a fuck, its also not my place to say, "Hey! You know this is going on in your life because A. B. C. and D.".

I have enough tact and class to think before I speak. I care enough about people's feelings to not say things that could hurt them. I care enough about myself, to remove myself from people's lives.

People do not realize that having empaths in their life is a gem. Well, they do realize it. But empaths, such as myself, are viewed as weak-pushovers, because we are so loving, kind and respectful. I don't need to get loud, point fingers, or be a know it all to stand my ground. I can simply remove my presence from situations. My absence speaks volumes.

PS I recently saw my Aunt's are on my molesters Facebook Friends List...I am disgusted.

Just shooting you a reminder, you don't need anyone in your life.

#family #friends #relationships

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