• Laini Moreno

One True Love

Once in a lifetime, you will find someone who will sacrifice for you. Who will choose to be devoted to you, because they can't picture themselves with anyone else. Who will love everything from your thick hair to your thick curves.

To be enough for someone, in this world of greed, is everything.

My career, and my brain, will never let me be living in just one state. I will forever be a restless, artistic soul, seeking happiness and peace. What scares me is that the peace I seek could have nothing to do with being a single Actress in New York, rushing to auditions. But, it is not necessarily in being a Minnesota Spa Owner/Housewife, either.

My dream would be rich, successful actress. Or spoiled-by-husband local actress. But I would still want to perform my Beauty services. I want to move back to New York for all of my acting opportunities and get out of this racist assed state. But this town holds a special place in my heart, because it helped me be able to breathe away from my parents.

I shouldn't have left the Bronx when I did, but, I thought there was an opportunity back here that seemed worth trying. That opportunity blew up in my fucking face. Now I'm living in overpriced, Downtown Minneapolis, saving up to move back home to New York. However, I now have a Spa here...and other lucrative things that make life worth living<3

Welcome to my brain. Painful, I know.

Life is all about balance and no one can tell you what you need. At this point thought, I wouldn't mind being told what to do. I need a break from decision making and strategy. At this moment in my life...I want to simply exist.

How were you proposed to? Was it a creative or traditional proposal?

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