• Laini Moreno

Tenderness + Getaway Pix

I do not know how I have remained kind, positive, and optimistic after all the hell I have went through in my life.

I have used all of these terrible incidents to remind me of what kind of person not to be. These traumatic experiences have shown me to protect my peace. I don't allow many many people around me. I am only surrounded by love. I am protected. I am, finally, safe.

I love myself so much. I am so proud of myself. I have not let my wounds turn me into the people who tried so hard to damage me. I am the beautiful, special, talented person I was destined to be.

My life started out with no love. Yet I am full of love. And, I, am loved.

#selfcare #selfawareness #spiritualawakening #love #cabinlife #getaway

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