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I got the part!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday and holy hell yall!!!!

I stopped broadcasting my acting ventures for personal reasons. But I am most definitely posting this one. I went to an audition tonight, for a role at a prestigious theatre. I reeeeaaallyyyyy wanted this role and, I GOT IT!!

Usually I land roles, but not ones I'm excited about. This role really means something to me. I landed this on the spot and I am so thankful. Only an actor/actress knows that feeling of wanting to get cast, for any role. But to be casted for a role you actually fell in love with? And you get it right after the audition? In person? I am so thankful. And everyone I met at the theatre was so sweet, kind and they loved me. When I walked in, they already had my pix up exclaiming "she's here!!".

It was a mutual love affair, instantly.

The role is a bilingual Latina, who is caring for her niece. The role involves some movement/dancing too.

I am so fulfilled right now.

I am enclosing pix I took right after I landed the role. Right now, I'm having a celebration shot and singing to my favorite band: Led Zeppelin. Then I am meeting up with my favorite person and we are having a quiet dinner...

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