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No Bridesmaids, PLEASE!

This blog post is a transition from my last entry. Being that I have experienced such disrespectful friendships, I would definitely be the bride with no bridal party, if I were planning a wedding O:)

FYI My entire blog is about love, family, self awareness, boundaries, relationships and my thoughts on life. I actually do get contacted by people asking my relationship status. All I have to say is, if you're not paying my bills, if you're not holding me through flashbacks...mind your business.

Back to the subject of Bridal Parties!

I only trust one female in my life. I do not believe in having a group of friends, because people are not trustworthy. And given the history of women being threatened by me, I can only imagine how they would upset me on/ruin my special day.

For all of you out there who are the same way, I've compiled a small list of fun things to do, with the one or two females you trust to attend your Bachelorette Party.

1) A Spa day/weekend of massages, manis, pedis and champagne.

2) A weekend away at a posh hotel with fun games, movies and lots of booze.

3) A day spent doing the bride's favorite activity.

Anyone who chooses not to have a Bridal Party, is probably low drama and low key. They are not into the typical Strip Clubs (vomit) or bar scene (trash). They are more into meaningful interactions.

Happy planning!

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