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Louis CK

Today, more inappropriate jokes made by "Louis CK" were released. Is anyone shocked? No one cared when he said the N word. Now people are hurt and offended at his new jokes about the Parkland shooting and non binary jokes.

I talk about this often, I am not sure why non-blacks thinks it's ok to use the N WORD in any context.

Is it ok for me to talk about trailer trash? Or folks who probably spend "family holidays" in Vegas as an excuse to be around alcohol and scantily clad women.

Watch your mouth and mind your manners. (story continued after photo)

Let's get this straight. NIGGER was a term used for BLACKS. People of AFRICAN decent. This stemmed from SLAVERY. Do you know about the slave trade?

I knew a white boy who thought he could say "Niggas in Paris". And also say that some whites were referred to as "White Niggers". NIGGAS doesn't stop being a racial slur, just because it's a song title. NIGGERS doesn't become acceptable to say just because some of your people were later referred to it. NIGGERS stems from the racial slur that your European brethren started. That word doesn't sting you. Your people were not killed, beaten and raped with that word. That word means nothing to your people now. Non blacks who say the N Word in any context, should definitely only have friends/date/marry within their own race. They don't deserve to be around the beauty of our culture.

Maybe you should handle your piece of shit upbringing for making you so selfish, unkind and disrespectful.

I am spelling out the word here, but this is a word that I don't use. I don't even listen to current rap because Black and Latino people don't make music I like anymore. I stopped really enjoying rap music after Digable Planets disbanded. I find 99% of "musicians" (I use that term VERY loosely), embarrassing. Famous people of color who make music feed into every stereotype of us known to man. Over sexed, low class, nude, nasty dancing, gun toting, Hennessy drinking and the list goes on.

What's sickening is I have encountered more white people who actually DON'T like the N Word and get mad when other White people say it...than Blacks. Some Black guys these days think it's no big deal. What a world when I bond more over race issues with another race.

My point in including the last 2 blurbs was that I am sick of all races lol

Anyway, be careful with what you say, because you might say it to the wrong one and smacked in the face by a brown girl from BMore ;)

Happy New Year's Eve!!

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