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2018 Reflection (and overall life reflection)

Jan 2018 I deleted thousands of meaningless Social Media followers.

Started doing more varieties of acting.

Kicked my exercise up this summer-lost 30 pounds so far.

Started a Small Business.

Continued to not have contact with toxic family.

Started doing yoga.

Focused on my spirituality.

As I reflect on my life I see lying family. #StopChildAbuse. Yes you narcissistic idiots, it is wrong to hit, verbally abuse and sexually touch children. May you and the family members protecting you (and questioning me) experience severe pain.

Toxic former friends. People are jealous with no sense of self, so they attach themselves to people like me. Full of energy and personality. Then they suck us dry and also attempt to emulate our lives. You're too old to be envious and also...a copy cat lol. Seek help.

Boys I once lowered my standards for who turned out to be TRASH. It amazes me how average looking men with no $ money are liars and extremely disrespectful. I'm glad I ended those relationships and have no contact with any of their selfish, betraying asses. You give these guys a chance, even though they're not handsome. You think they have a beautiful heart. Wrong! Sometimes insecure men want a beautiful girl and sometimes we believe the cowards are decent. Live and learn.

Racism & sexism @ jobs/life in general.

My feelings, memories & boundaries are valid. I now only have love around me. I spend less time on Social Media Marketing. I've devoted myself to a new healthy lifestyle & fulfilling my dreams.

You know...I have definitely embraced all facets of myself this year! I always have...but it's been a few years since I've actually owned it and I am so proud of myself.

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Here’s my year in emoji that @Twitter picked: #HappyNewYear #MyEmojiYear

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