• Laini Moreno

N-Word pt 2


Not that it matters, but, Im Black and I don’t even say it.

The N-Word was started for Black slaves who were also tortured, beaten, raped, lynched and killed.

It disgusts me that ANYONE wants to say it. But especially, yes, White people. Asians, Latinos-including Afro Latinos and Latinx, Middle Eastern, Indian, Native American, etc. Keep it out of your mouth too.

Women refer to each other as bitches. Because they think it’s ok. They are female. They are the same. So they are not offended. But they heard a man use that term to describe a woman, in any context, they’d be mad. Because, he is not the same.

Does that help you misguided, classless people understand a little more?

I am disgusted right now.

Wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last time I hear that disgusting word being spewed from the mouth of someone who isn’t Black. I don’t care if you’re explaining something. I don’t care if it’s in a song.

I definitely have noticed, it's people in the Midwest and South who feel entitled to say the N word, more. Trust me, non-blacks all over have no tact with this word. But the fake liberals in the rural areas feel that because they are not CALLING someone the N-word, and just saying a song title or explaining a situation, makes it okay.

Have some class and decency.

#racism #racialslur #insulting #insults #entitled #nword #racist #flowchart #graph #blm

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