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Royal Wedding 2018

I’ve seen so many negative comments about this magical moment.

Love, is beautiful.

I am not necessarily a fan of either of these 2 people. I don't dislike them, I just don't know much about them. I'm more into Classic Rock and Acting, than being obsessed with celebs lol


Yes, her mother sat your family perfect? Focus on the fact that her mom looked happy and overwhelmed with pride.

Yes they’re an interracial many black/part black guys date out of their race and no one cares? Focus on the fact that she found a man to love and protect her.

Yes she’s giving up never switched careers when your life changes? Focus on the fact that she’ll be happily married and probably doing tons of awesome charity work.

People are saying she looked plain and her hair wasn’t done...don’t you have your own style? Focus on the fact that she chose natural beauty so her husband could appreciate exactly who he is marrying. If she had a sexy gown and full makeup, you’d bitch about that too.

People are planning for this couple’s divorce and I do feel it’s mainly because Meghan has some drops of black blood in her DNA.

Wishing this couple all the best.

PS how inspiring for ALL women to drop the loser you’re with and find someone who loves you correctly. It’s like a real life Hallmark movie...except Hallmark hardly uses actresses of color.


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