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Happy Mother's Day

A very Happy Mother's Day to all the loving, supportive moms out there.

May you be showered with love and adoration.

May the Mothers who exhibit Maternal Narcissism as well as emotional, verbal and physical abuse towards a child, get some help.

It's not just sexual abuse by fathers, that is wrong. All child abuse is wrong. All abuse is wrong.

Your children may never forgive you, but it is your duty to own up to your wrongdoings.

Children will always love their parents., in spite of what they have endured. They will always hope their parents will admit to what they did. It is this faith that keeps, even adult children, with a longing in their soul.

I have even known many people who have a mother like what I am describing. They don't like their Moms because of it; but they keep their Mom in their life because they feel it is the right thing to do. It is hard for me to accept that because I remember all the stories they would tell me in High School, and after, about how their Moms treated them. Victims try and brush the abuse off, so they can lead a somewhat normal life.

Off topic but also a special shout out to the siblings who tell the truth about what their parents have done. The siblings who stick together to heal. The siblings who don't talk shit behind the parent's back, but kiss their ass in person, just so they can get money in the Will when the parents die.

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