• Laini Moreno

Violence Against Women

💔 It is terrifying to survive traumatic events, repeatedly as a child, by someone you know. Then again as an adult, by a stranger. You make everyone happy even though you are dying inside. How you manage to be so confident and strong Laini, I will never understand. You are a good person, despite all of the hell you have been a victim of. You are crumbling. Each day. You will be happy. Someday.

Stop Child Abuse. Me too. Times up. Women Empowerment.

We should not live in a world where women are raped. Can you imagine what it's like to go through life as a rape victim? As an adult survivor of child abuse? The nightmares. The daily flashbacks.

There is something I want to make clear. Child abusers are very manipulative.

And to all you mothers who yell at your children and are emotionally/physically (yes hitting is wrong)/verbally abusive: you make it SO easy for your child to be molested. The molester knows the child has no one to protect them because you make it so evident that your child is a burden.

The molester uses this as a gateway to touch your child. The molester will encourage you to find fault in your child. Because this causes an even larger distance between you and your child.

Now your child is not only the victim of your narcissistic, emotional abuse; but sexual and mental abuse by your trusted loved one.

And more often than won't believe your child the numerous times they try to tell you they are being abused.

You have yourselves to blame.

Protect, nurture and love your children.

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