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It is really frustrating with the way #tv #television and #movies are. For someone like me, who never wants to see nudity, it can be a very uncomfortable experience. And now, it's hard to find any #tvseries #tvshows that don't have it. I wish #writers would focus on #writing again. But the audience prefers nipples and ass scenes. Even Netflix's Bright movie/show, starring Will Smith has a topless, strip club scene. Why? I like fantasy and action shows/movies the best; but all of these prostitutes and whores make it difficult to enjoy shit anymore. It's not #art ladies. You are getting a dude's dick hard for a check. Game of Thrones hires literal pornstars. The show Gotham's "strong female characters" have their cleavage out as they take on villains. Our programming has turned to softcore porn and you all excuse it and look down on the people in the minority with me who don't want to see this shit. #feminist #feminism has turned into "Yay nipples! I have nipples they're miiiiine see look!" Instead of "Hi treat us equally. Pay us equally. Don't objectify us. " To make it clear. I don't want to see men naked in #media either. But even with that argument. There are hardly any. Men always say "it's just nudity. Let's be adults. " I'm sure they wouldn't feel that way if it was handsome men with big cocks on every show. I'm not a prude. I love sex. I promote sex toys. I'm kinky in the bedroom. I need sex daily. I just want quality #writing. If I want to see sex and nudity, I will record me in the bedroom.



#noporn #fightthenewdrug #pornkillslove #actress #actor #relationships #wife #marriage #engaged #Bronx #Minneapolis #Minnesota #NewYork

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