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Laini Moreno: A Passionate Entrepreneur

A Star is Born

Welcome to my official website. I am an Actress, Journalist, Human Resources Guru, Spa Owner, Social Media Strategist, Model, and Writer.  I am based out of New York City but split my time in Minnesota. I also am available for TV Hosting, Journalism and Public Speaking. I am a Mental Health Advocate who practices the arts of Reiki, Sound Baths, Meditation, and Cuban Santeria. I enjoy building people's awareness of self. Here you will find information about myself, my career, latest projects, upcoming events, and learn so much more about my work. I appreciate your interest and involvement in my professional endeavors and invite you to explore my site for more.

#StopChildSexualAbuse #StopChildAbuse 


Laini Moreno


Laini Moreno on Set

Actress Model Television Host Journalist

Hi! I am Laini Moreno and I have years of experience being filmed and photographed.  I take direction well and I look forward to working with you : )

Film Crew
Video Camera

Acting Services

The Full Package

As an experienced professional in the entertainment industry, Laini Moreno provides a variety of acting and collaborative services. Find out more about what she offers and don’t hesitate to let her know if you want more information.

Video Camera

Laini Moreno Pinup BBW Modeling

Exceeding Expectations

If you’re in need of a curvy model, you’ve come to the right place. As an experienced Model, Laini Moreno offers everything you need to accomplish your photography goals.


Personalized Acting Approach

Laini Moreno's work on Commercials has been both incredibly fulfilling and professional satisfying. Collaboration and mutual understanding are always key, and she has the experience needed to ensure success.

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